The grey waste incident.

Over the last week the little lights that show how full our grey waste tank is has been showing empty. Since the black one always shows two thirds full even when empty I have just assumed it was trying to compensate in some way.

You know how sometimes at 4:30 in the morning you lie in bed thinking about all sorts of nonsense? Well I was doing that this morning and thinking about how the water never seems to drain off the patch of grass behind our RV and is still quite boggy, which is a bit of a nuisance whenever I need something out of the back lockers. It then occurred to me that  there may be a link between the two things. Could the grey waste drain be open?
After getting a bit more sleep I was up early to go have a look. Whoops that explains it then. Somehow the last time we did a waste dump, errr a week ago, we forgot to close the thing. Oooo we been dumping our grey waste straight onto the pitch for a week, so not good. At least it wasn’t the black, might have noticed that sooner LOL.

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