The high street is doomed

The high street as we know it is doomed and I think 2011 is likely just to hasten this along.

Let’s face it, it is looking like the much needed annual boost to our local retailers has not been anywhere near as good as they needed and I seriously doubt the snow was to blame. The culprit is more likely to be the massively growing Internet shopping. Figures show that the UK has spent a staggering £57.8 billion online in 2010, a 16% increase from 2009’s £49.8 billion spend, a tripling of the total from just 5 years ago. (Source Pocket-lint)

After all who the hell would want to go trudging around the shops when you can get all you want whilst sitting in a comfortable chair in your pants and have some nice bloke in a van bring it round to you.

But what about the January sales? Well I popped into town this morning so my boys can go spend their Christmas vouchers, a trip I was not looking forward to. I had no problem parking and getting served in the 2 shops we visited was just about instantaneous. So it looking rather like the draw of the sales is just not enough.

I know that many retail shops rely on the Christmas and post Christmas sales to turn their losses over the year into a profit and failing to do this wil, result in them having to shut up shop.

Now let’s throw in an increase in vat in early January and the worry everyone has of large scale spending cuts by government and their being less money around we are all going to make our number one new year resolution to cut our spending and tighten those belts. So we spend more online, because it’s cheaper, and less again in the high street. The result: the high street becomes a ghost town.

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