The long trip back to the UK – Day 2

Last night was a flaming disaster. Having got our heads down nice and early we were woken at 3am by a rave going on at a stadium just down the road. After 2 hours of not being able to get back to sleep I thought sod it I might as well drive rather than just lie here.

So we got up made a cuppa, gave the dogs a walk round the compound and get ready to leave. This is where we found out how secure the compound was. Totally locked up with no way of getting out even through the, locked, side gate. It took me nearly half an hour to attract the garage attendant to open the gates.

Having filled up with diesel we set off down the road to hear a loud clanging noise coming from underneath the van near the rear axel. I pulled over and got Ann to jump up and down while I crawled underneath to have a looked but blowed if I could see anything.

So off I drive again with this banging but the handling is no different so don’t think its a problem with anything important. I must get that looked at when I get back to old Blighty.

After a couple of hours tiredness started to get hold of me so pulled off into a service area and got our heads down for a couple of hours.

Nicely refreshed we did make good progress and now are not too far from the French border. Tiredness catching up with me again in the latter part of the afternoon so searched for somewhere to stop and found a camp site 45 minutes in the right direction.

IMG_1742The site was cheap enough 14 Euros including electric however the showers were bloody cold and the light goes out before you get a chance to finish. Nice view though.

Anyway thats enough as I need to get a good nights sleep as I still have a long way to drive.

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