The long trip back to the UK – Day 4

Well we have made it to Calais after an exceptionally long drive and a lot of money on tolls.

So after a total of 27 and a half hours of actual driving (4 days in reality) and a distance of 1340 miles we have traveled from the bottom of sunny Spain to the cold and miserable tip of northern France.

I didn’t appreciate just how far we had actually traveled down to Spain since we had done it over a number of weeks but the continuous drive back north ably shoved it in my face.

Anyway were going to spend the night in the Carrefour carpark in  Calais and then go find the Eurotunnel in the morning.  I think this is probably best rather than crossing tonight as the I am dubious about driving on the wrong side of the road again in the dark. On top of that I’m bloody knackered.


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