The long trip back to the UK – Day 5

We turned up to the Euro tunnel nice and early and went straight to the pet centre where the dogs and their documentation were checked all OK.  Since we had not pre booked they were able to do this for us and oh what a mistake it was not to book in advance. €336.00 for the one way trip. Next time I must make sure were booked in advance.

The trip went smoothly, well except for the fact I broke the bed and poor Ellie was clearly very confused that the van was moving but I wasn’t in the drivers seat. She kept looking at the empty seat and then me with a very worried look on her face.

We drove straight to Southampton, well via a B&Q to get some screws to fix the bed, and booked into Sunnydale Farm Camping and Caravan Site and was surprised to find that they only had one pitch available (didn’t see that coming).

Its quite a nice site although a bit expensive (£130 for 5 nights) but the facilities are good and clean with underfloor heating.

Once we got set up Ann went off to visit her Dad who was very pleased to see her. His stoke was a bad one and has left him paralysed down the left side. The doctors say he may make some recovery over the next 18 months with physiotherapy. I guess only time will tell.

We put the new awning up yesterday and last night it took a massive battering from the wind and rain. I have to say we are very pleased with it as it coped very well indeed staying up perfectly and staying dry inside. Even the tunnel didn’t get much water in it despite it not being a sealed environment down the sides and bottom.

Even now has I write this I am inside the awning with no shirt on or heating perfectly warm and comfortable. Didn’t expect that in the UK in January. Its not something thats going to last for long though as the weather men people are saying the temperature will drop in a week or so time.

We are missing Spain dreadfully and I had forgotten what a nightmare it was to walk the dogs in wet muddy fields rather than on sand.

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