The RV upgrade

Its been a long while since my last post, sorry about that.  Since arriving back in the UK at the beginning of January we have been pitched up at our favourite site Briarfields.

I have to admit I am not sure how or when it happened but at some point we started to think about trading in our MH and upgrading to an RV.  Again just like when we first thought about a camper van it took on a whole life of its own and stated to guide or steer me in very specific directions. Well I say that. it felt like more fate was once again forcing me down a route wether I wanted to or not. I did resist a little less than last time as fate was very right last time and knows what I want more than I do.

Having done a little research I worked out we could afford an RV and its running costs, providing it runs on LPG, and discovered there are quite a few RV dealers about the UK.

My step son James took me to the Motorhome show at the NEC and after a couple or so hours we had seen all we wanted to, which for me was not much as no longer saw the point of being there if we were considering changing the van. It was still a consideration in my mind at this point and definitely not a done deal.

Having only spent half the day there James thought it would be a great idea to go visit an RV dealer on the way back to just have a look. What harm can it do? and we had time to spare.

A quick search on the interweb found us Dreams RV in Bicester  which was vaguely on the way back but looked promising with at least one RV listed in my price range.

The staff there were fantastic and very helpful and we only looked a two RVs’. We didn’t really need to look at the second as the first one was just perfect and we both felt that Ann would fall in love with it if she saw it. Whist it was petrol they could do the LPG conversion and it would still be in my price range.

I returned Saturday morning, as arranged with them, with Ann to have a look and to see what they would give in part exchange for my MH. James and myself were right Ann fell in love with it and after having a look round our MH and asking a lot of questions Becky, the very nice lady there, went off to make some calls to get me a price while we continue to crawl all over it opening every cupboard and locker and examining every inch, and it has an awful lot of them.

I had two figures in mind, one that I would like to get for it and not make too much of a loss on it and the other which was the absolute minimum I needed to afford the RV but I would loose a serious amount of money. Well you can imagine my turmoil when I get offered the absolute minimum  amount, it meant I could afford to get this RV, the one Ann (and me I suppose) have fallen in love with but means a hefty loss over the 18 months we have had our MH.

My dear wife then pipes up she will pay for the LPG conversion if that helps. She really does want it. So deposit gets paid and we sort out a delivery date for around the 15th of next month but Becky will ring to confirm when she has spoken to the workshop.

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