The silence

10749931_10152532260488107_1147176856774852071_oWe have spent this week at Camping Las Torres which is located in the valley of a horseshoe of mountains a few kilometres from Puerto de Mazarrón.  The web site and information in the ACSI book and app are somewhat inaccurate and out of date.  For example the web site says its 800 meters from the beach. This is grossly inaccurate as its more like 2 to 3 kilometres away.  The ACSI information says its run by two english ladies. This is out of date as according to one of the permanent residents here they left some years ago. Despite these failings the site is quite pleasant and very quiet and well kept.

10547738_10152532259548107_7454394916800234364_oAll around the site is dry very stony land that has not been farmed for several years, although the signs of it once being so is till there in plough furrows. The one thing that really strikes you is just how quiet it is. But its more than that its totally completely absent of sound at all. Just walk a short way away from the site, stop, hold your breath and you’ll see what I mean. Nothing not a single sound, its very bizarre. Yes there is a road but very little traffic runs along it and if you walk deeper into the valley away from the road even that sound seems to vanish (or maybe just nothing was on the road at the time).

Its a long walk or cycle to anywhere from here and the meagre shop sells a few essentials but not much at all. The restaurant seems to only do Tapas most of the time and is closed Mondays. So whilst it makes a very pleasant stay do stock up before you arrive unless you have better transport than just a bicycle.

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