Three weeks is too long to stay in one place

Our Pitch at Brairfields CheltenahamWe have just left Briarfields Touring Park in Cheltenham our second visit there. This is the first time we have visited a site twice and have done so for two very good reasons. Firstly, its situated perfectly between Gloucester and Cheltenham where we have family in both places. Secondly we very much like the site.

Scott & Jo run a great, very well organised site which seems to be constantly being improved. The last time we stayed, several weeks back, they were building extensions to the shower blocks and this time they have stated work on a new reception area all of which is done with the minimal of fuss and no disruption to the guests.

The shower and toilet block is just warm enough and kept very clean. I even caught Scott one evening at gone 11pm doing his final check on the block to make sure they were clean and ready for people in the morning.  Jo works hard to keep the grass cut on the pitches and camping field and looking nice for everyone.

Wi-Fi is available free of charge but can be a little flaky at times. This is due to the distance the site is from the exchange.

There is a very regular bus service that runs between Cheltenham and Gloucester and the stop is just outside the entrance so which ever direction you want to go its no problem. Just down the road and under a underpass there is a Harvester and a KFC and a little further on is Asda and a few other useful shops. You will get a nice detailed map of all this on your arrival.

Cheltenham GWR Station

Grandchildren sitting at Cheltenham GWR Station

There is plenty to do in the area and I particularly enjoyed the Gloucestershire and Warwickshire Steam Railway (GWR) which has ample parking and access right next to Cheltenham Race Course with room enough for Motorhomes.

Its a good long run with several stops and things to do at each stop if you want to get a full day out or stay on the train as we did and enjoy the buffet service they offer. This was made extra special for me as I was able to share this experience with my three Grandchildren and a friend and his daughter who all live in Cheltenham.


Harley my Grandson sitting in the Vulcan co-pilots seat

Harley my Grandson sitting in the Vulcan co-pilots seat

Just a down the road from the site there is the Jet Age Museum ( which whilst quite small at present have a lovely collection of early Jet aircraft on display and a Vulcan B2 Bomber cockpit still in its original condition (well almost) that you can go and sit in and are told all about the history of this particular aircraft by the very knowledgeable and enthusiastic volunteers there.  Entrance to the museum is free relying on peoples donations.

We stayed at Briarfields for three weeks, which is the longest we have ever stayed on a site so far and I have to admit after two weeks I was ready and itching to move on. It certainly appears I have the travel bug or wander lust or whatever you should call it really bad and not keen to settle in one place for too long.  Which is very weird as I have always been the worst one to want to move house in the past even refusing point blank to consider a move let alone look at the possibility.  In fact even being a way from home for two weeks on holiday was a strain and so glad to be back home.

Now that I don’t have a home, well I do, its on wheels, so lets say now I don’t have a house to return to I don’t miss it one bit. In fact I reel at the thought of returning to living in a fixed location again. I am enjoying living as a full timer and moving on every couple of weeks to new and exciting places.

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