Toby comes good

I had a call today from a line manager at Toby carvery (who’s name I am embarrassed to admit I can not recall) as a result of the complaint I made a few weeks ago ( see my blog ‘Bariatric patents not welcome’ ).

He called me to firstly apologise for the way the restaurant manager handled the situation and to also pass on the managers apologies which I gracefully accepted.

The main reason for his call though was to explain the reason for the companies policy of which I was not very pleased about.

It appears that the restaurant in Crawley has seen an exponential rise in child meals being sold however on investigation the number of children visiting the restaurant has slightly declined and since they are already offering a good deal on the price of a meal had to make a policy to stop these people from taking the piss.

He did apologise and say that they cannot start making individual exceptions as this will cause further issues and I take his point.

So I would like to thank the Crawley Chavs for their help in making life that little bit more unpleasant for those of us who are honest.

Me and my family will be visiting the restaurant again soon as the managers guests and would like to thank him for the very kind offer.

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