Top Gear Live

Today I got to go to the Earls Court Motor Show and Top Gear Live show thanks to my loving wife who brought me 2 tickets for me and my son Nathaniel to go to for my wedding anniversary present back in august.

Whilst I have to admit being in severe pain with my feet, the price I have to pay for sitting on my arse all day every day, we both had a great time both looking around the motor show and especially the Top Gear Live show.

We were seated quite high up, on some giant mechano seating arrangement, which gave us a fantastic view of the whole staging area. Well I say fantastic view, it would have been if it were not for a guy sat in front of me with the most enormous head I have ever seen, I mean it was scary. Fortunately he was not directly in front of me so could see most of the stage around his gargantuan head.

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