Useless flipping dogs

National-Motorhomes-Show-April-2015--500x330The weekend was spent at the Peterborough Showground for the National Motorhome Show where I am sad to say my dogs let me down and proved their worthlessness.

Its an impressive show with hundreds of exhibitors selling you everything from American RVs to a tap connectors and lots of stuff you never even knew existed let alone needed.

You have a couple of options to visiting the show. You can enter as a day visitor or you can stay onsite as a camper. Whilst its quite possible to get around the show in a day you do miss out on so much more. They provide entertainment in several venues every evening most of which are free and with a very good line up of artists. On Saturday night there is the option of paying extra for the main entertainment in the arena which this year was the famous comedian and television personality Jim Davidson.

You can camp in the public camping area or if you are a member of a group that have organised an area you can book to go with them. Two groups we are members of Motorhome Fun and RV Owners Club both had organised areas. We went with Motorhome Fun for the simple reason we had booked them before joining the RV Owners Club.

The site is massive and there must have been thousands of motorhomes there with hundreds of different clubs a societies. Doing our usual morning walk with the girls around the site did give them a very good walk indeed and we still didn’t get to the far reaches of the site.

When you spend a lot of time on secure camp sites as we do as full timers you tend to get use to a relatively safe environment where its pretty unlikely someone will try and nick your stuff. I am sure it does happen from time to time but our experience so far is that this is rare. However at these very big events and especially where the genral public is let in and have free reign to wander around you need to be a little more security conscious.

Because we have two dogs we tend to not worry too much about undesirables as they will warn us if something is wrong or should deal with it for us if required. You would think wouldn’t you? Well seems we were wrong, they are flipping useless.

Ann had gone off with our friends Dave and Doreen to look round the show leaving me with the dogs. Having had a hard morning looking round the show and denting my credit card I decided to have a bit of a well earned afternoon kip.

IMG_1344I was woken by a female eastern european accent that was very close by, either just outside the window or inside the RV. I thought that Ann had returned and brought someone with her. As I got up I heard the door slam shut and could see the dogs just laying there clearly not having moved. Looking out the window all I could see was a blond haired lady walking away.

Seeing as the dogs hadn’t moved and only having just woken up I began to doubt what I thought I had heard and maybe was the tail end of a dream or me just going senile. A few minutes later the wind caught the door and opened it as it was not shut properly and seeing as I know I had shut it properly was confirmation that it wasn’t a dream at all and some stranger had opened our door. Flaming useless  dogs could not even be bothered to get up and warn them off. There SACKED and I told them so.

This woman didn’t completely disappear as she appeared a couple of times more on the main roadway near our spot and of the second time I snapped a couple of pictures of her on the mobile.  I called security and recounted the story who were very interested in seeing the photo and asked me to hang on to it in case they needed to get the police involved.

I never heard any more about this and I wonder if it was a perfectly innocent mistake by someone looking for someone but does make you think. And I am still angry with my useless mutts.

Overall we had a great weekend made new friends and caught up with old ones, chatted and received lots of helpful hints and advice. Well worth going.

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  1. megsie558 says:

    Hiya Gary and Ann,
    We are new to Motorhomes and spend what is probably far too much time on the PC gleaning any scrap of information we can.
    We live in Peterborough and so were also at the show.
    I only want to say that we too found ourselves at the edge of the show proper and for a second though the visitors vans were part of the show. It was a lady coming out of one in very casual clothes that made us do a second take. It was then we realised they were owned vehicles. I would imagine the lady that opened your van door saw you and more likely the dogs and realised her rmistake. I hope that is the case anyway.
    Can I just add that we find you information and comments informative and fun. And we love the dogs…..whether they bark at strangers or not!!! Keep up the good work. Mary

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