Whoops I seem to have blocked it

Three days of wild camping, a blocked toilet and a very happy bunny after topping up with LPG

IMG_0962We spent three days wild camping near to where my step daughter lives and works and it was proper wild camping with no EHU no chemical or grey disposal and very limited access to water.

How much difference did it make to my normal daily routine? None what so ever!

The solar panel kept the leisure batteries topped up no problem. After the issues I had with charging my Mac Book Pro, I found that the 12v outlet in the lounge area that the TV is plugged into, handled the required output with no trouble at all and so this was now no longer an issue.

We used gas for heating and cooking. It has been quite warm so didn’t need to put the heater on much at all.

IMG_1237I had access to fresh water via an outside tap round the back of the building but was asked not to go round there till after 9 at night so not to be noticed by too many nosey people. This was no big deal as I would pop round there with my very old B&Q orange bucket fill it up and then pump the water into the tank using the 12v submersible pump I purchased just for this eventuality. So pleased with myself for planning ahead :-)

The grey waste I was a little bit naughty with and discreetly dumped it in the hedge row close by as I had nowhere else it could go not even a suitable drain.  I didn’t dump it in the same place twice so not to build up with detergent or whatever and cause any serious issues.

The toilet cassette was another issue and really had to go somewhere proper. So disguising it in a black plastic sack I carried up to my step daughters to dump the contents down her toilet. Next thing I know I am up to my elbow in my own excrement trying to unblock her loo with little success. After shoving various implements round the bend include a plastic ladle and a spatular and pouring a bottle of bleach, hot washing up water and some blue chemicals down there (not necessarily in that order) I managed to partially get it unblocked but it was terribly slow to go down with each flush.

A little while later she manages to find a maintenance man who supplied a sink plunger!! Well I had a very vigorous go with that for ages and did improve the situation a little and as we waved good bye it still was not right and a specialist was going to have to be called out. Sorry Amanda….

Evernote Camera Roll 20140506155742Since having the refillable LPG fitted four weeks ago we have finally managed to use up one bottle and so now was a good time to have a go at filling it up. We pulled into Pease Pottage service station at the end of the M23 and after identifying where the LPG pump was pulled up along side whilst trying to remember all the things nice man told me on how to fill it up. I needn’t have worried as instructions were clearly displayed on the pump and in terms I could understand. They were pictures.

So I topped up the LPG and looked at the pump display to see how much money I was going to need and promptly headed to the kiosk to pay with the most enormous grin on my face. The poor chap serving me must have thought I had escaped from somewhere as I stand there grinning at him and paying him the very poultry seven pounds and a few pence. Thats a hell of a lot less that the twenty plus quid for Calor bottles.

With that and the fact I now KNOW I don’t need to be on EHU even when we stay on sites its going to cost an awful lot less to live and that, makes me a very happy bunny indeed.


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